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Patientenarmbänder werden nicht nur in Krankenhäusern gebraucht, sondern können auch in therapeutischen Kur- oder Pflegeeinrichtungen verwendet werden. Die Armbänder bekommen Sie in unserem Shop in zwei Größen ...

Product information for medical bracelets for patients

Wristbands for patients are not only used in hospitals, but they are also used in therapeutic healing or care facilities. Wristbands may be obtained in two sizes so that they are suitable for babies, children and adults. In order to quickly and efficiently identify patients, the bands include an insert card on which all important data can be listed. The patient wristbands are locked without additional aids by means of a convenient pressure lock that regulates the width. The closure can not subsequently be opened, assuring in this way that the bands won’t be torn off or removed without permission.

In order to avoid any discomfort for the wearer, the patient wristbands are fabricated out of high quality artificial vinyl. Therefore, the wristbands are hypo-allergenic and have no sharp edges, so that – particularly for young children – there is no danger of injury.

Advantages of patient wristbands

  • color fast
  • tear-proof
  • waterproof
  • no sharp edges
  • various colors and sizes
  • simple closure
  • hypo-allergenic
  • width can be regulated

Alternatives and supplements

Standard patient wristbands are available for adults in white, pink, red and blue; children’s sizes are available in white, pink and light blue. This way the bands can be assigned according to gender and age. In place of the insert card you may order bands with a directly writable surface. We offer something special for mothers with children: one adult wristband and one child wristband, or one adult wristband and two child wristbands can be delivered in a set.

Only a few disadvantages

  • only available in select colors

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last update: 23.06.2024