Eine besonders günstige und einfache Art der Eintrittskarten oder Wertmarken sind kleine Blöcke oder Rollen, von denen die einzelnen Coupons abgerissen und direkt ausgegeben werden können. Um den Einlass zu kontrollieren ...

Tokens, admissions cards and vouchers

One particularly low-priced and simple type of admissions card or token comes in small blocks or rolls from which individual coupons can be torn off and handed out on the spot. The roll-up entry tickets are appropriate for managing admission and and in this way keeping an eye on the number of guests – as, for example, at museums or swimming pools. Thanks to consecutive numbering you can check how many people were present – either during or after the business day.

For parties or celebrations with a large number of guests it might make sense to hand out vouchers for food and drink to reduce lines at various booths. In our online store, tokens are available with a variety of labels such as „Apples“, „Steak“ or „Coffee“. In addition you can order blocks of coupons with sums of money labelled at 50 cents, 1 pound or 2 pounds. These vouchers are also consecutively numbered and can be obtained in the colors yellow, red and green.

Advantages of the vouchers

  • variable applications
  • various labels or monetary values
  • obtainable as well as coatcheck ticket
  • reasonably priced
  • easy to manage
  • consecutively numbered
  • available in a number of different colors
  • perforated for quick tear-off
  • firm paper

Use coupons as coatroom tickets

Our special coatroom tickets are especially practical. You can obtain these in our store in six different colors. In order to insure quick and efficient usage even with a high number of visitors, five double numbers are marked on each side, which, thanks to the perforation, can be easily handed out. Each block holds 1,000 double numbers which are linked additionally with a serial number.

Few disadvantages to the vouchers

  • vouchers can be passed on to other people
  • no design options are possible

For more accurate admissions management we recommend our security wristbands, which we offer in various materials such as fabric, Tyvek or vinyl. The bands can not be removed from the wrist after fastening and are therefore tamper-proof.

last update: 28.01.2023