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Identification: writable field
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Patient wristbands (certified by EN 71-3, ISO 10993-5 & REACH (SVHC)) are not only used in hospitals, but also in therapeutic health facilities and nursing homes. You may purchase wristbands in our shop in two sizes so that they fit babies and children, as well as adults.

In order to be able to quickly and easily identify patients, the bands have a writable field on which one can make a note of all important data. The patient wristbands are closed without the aid of an additional device by means of a convenient pressure lock that regulates the width. The closure can not subsequently be opened, ensuring in this way that the bands won’t be torn off or removed without permission.

In order to avoid skin irritation or discomfort, the patient wristbands are manufactured out of high quality vinyl plastic. In this way the bands are hypoallergenic and have no sharp edges so that no danger of injury exists, particularly for young children.

Normally, the patient wristbands for babies and children are available in the colors white, pink and light blue. This way the bands can be assigned to patients according to gender and age.

Range of uses:Hospitals, health facilities and nursing homes, patient identification
Material:VINYL, triple-ply polyethylene composite with soft edges
Size (L x W):165 mm x 19 mm
Size (L x W): Writable field 55 mm x 16 mm
Band colors:3 colors
Features:colorfast, tear-proof & waterproof, hypoallergenic
Closure:One-way - pressure lock, adjustable for width

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